Product Care

Jaay’s Jewels double nameplates, studs, and men accessories are either 18k or 24k Gold plated. (Everything else are either stainless steel or sterling silver.) Gold plating is the act of covering another metal (we use .925 sterling silver) with a specific amount of gold.  Gold plating is a very easy process and can last years if taken care of properly. Here are some things that can be avoided to ensure many months/years of enjoyment from your name jewelry. For example, avoid interaction with chemicals. Some everyday chemical combinations can be harsh on gold plating and silver. Cleaning products can affect the surface of the necklaces, robbing them of its natural shine.

Due to these chemical reactions, It's always a good idea to remove your name jewelry when taking a shower, cleaning, applying makeup, lotions, hairspray, or perfume.
Additionally, chlorine may affect the color of your gold name jewelry and we, therefore, recommend removing all gold jewelry before entering a pool and/or hot tub. Lastly Make sure you remove your name jewelry when changing clothes or sleeping, as it may cling to fabric and break or rip.